The Canada Weighted Vote Electoral Method

Welcome to the website for the Canada Weighted Vote Electoral Method (CWV), a new way to ensure proportional representation in a parliament or other legislative body.

CWV was created to address significant concerns about Canada's 'winner-take-all' voting system, in which only the top vote-getter in each electoral district becomes a member of parliament (MP), all other votes cast in the district are discarded, and each MP has exactly one vote in parliament. 

Unfortunately, voting systems and systems of representation in use around the world that are designed to achieve proportional representation have elements that many Canadian voters dislike, including larger voting districts with multiple politicians, too many Members of parliament appointed by party leaders and not directly accountable to voters, large increases in the number of Members of the parliament or legislature, and/or too many choices and complexities at the ballot box.

The Canada Weighted Vote system addresses all of these concerns. It's principal characteristic is that the traditional one-vote-per-MP in parliament is replaced by increasing the voting power of MPs of under-represented parties to reflect the popular vote that his/her party received in the most recent general election, modified by by-elections.

This website describes the CWV method in detail and includes an interactive file (Excel) that can be downloaded, and which enables users to insert and see the instant results of any election scenario he/she desires.

The Canada House of Commons' Special Committee on Electoral Reform examined alternatives to the current first-past-the-post voting system for federal elections.  A brief on the Canada Weighted Vote Electoral Method was submitted to the committee.  Click here to access the updated Brief.

Contact CWV at, or call by phone at 905-820-4110, in Mississauga Ontario.

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